Let’s talk about it.

Whether you’re organizing a conference, corporate meeting, Board of Directors meeting, convention, business trip, training course, or a B2B meeting — I can be your simultaneous, consecutive, or liaison interpreter, depending on the specific case. I can also work as an over the phone interpreter (OPI) or as a remote interpreter.

For remote interpreting, I work with a Sennheiser USB headset. Internet-wise, I get connected via Ethernet cable and my connection averages at 100 MB for downloads and 15 for uploads. I also have two back-up mobile connections available. My computer runs on 16 GB of RAM with an Intel Core i7 8th generation processor and, to top it all, I work in a silent, noise-free environment, so that I can guarantee that there are no interruptions or background noises.

Let me transcribe that.

Verba volant, scripta manent as they say — or ‘always get it in writing.’ Combining my experience and skills with specialized tools and software, I can quickly transcribe your audio and video files and turn them into compelling written documents.

What’s that document say?

Do you need to translate a user manual, a P&L, or a presentation? Or is it a website, a newsletter or a sales letter? It could even be a marketing or transcreation creative project. When I translate your texts, I make sure they have the right tone of voice, accurate terminology, and an overall polished appearance. Using innovative software to optimize working times, I also guarantee terminology consistency and a preserved layout.

Are you unsure about something language-related?

That’s what my consulting services are for. Whether you’re trying to expand into the Italian market or simply aren’t sure what service you need, we can discuss your goals and needs, so that I can give you a tailored professional opinion. Also, if you already have some stuff lying around and would like to get a second opinion, I’ll be happy to advise you.

My specializations

Over the years, I have worked in a wide variety of fields, from aerospace to fashion, high jewelry to workplace safety, as well as psychology, tourism, agronomy, and the legal sector.
However, these are my main specializations:

Here is a small list of clients I’ve worked (and still am working!) with:

As you may imagine, many of my projects are confidential. This is not a comprehensive list of my clients.

Reach out now to discuss your project or schedule a free consultation call with me. I’ll be happy to assist you and find the most suitable solution to your needs.